Two horses that had become stuck after wandering into a trench have been rescued.

Horses rescue July18 pic2The horses were unable to back out of the trench at a disused building at an old colliery site in Ynysmaerdy, Pontyclun on Friday (20 July).

RSPCA inspector Nic de Celis attended following a call from South Wales Fire & Rescue Service.

He said: “The horses had become stuck after walking through a tunnel and down a trench. The trench was narrow so they weren’t able to go back when they couldn’t go any further.

“We don’t think they had been there long, maybe a day, and thankfully they were very calm and were used to being handled by people.”

The rescue was undertaken by the fire crew along with the owner, while Inspector de Celis consulted a vet and offered advice at the scene.

“The idea was to keep things simple and try and get them out without having to lift them, which can be complex with heavy lifting equipment,” said Inspector de Celis.

“A ramp of wooden blocks were used to move them up higher so their heads were above the trench, meaning there was more space for them to turn around.

“It worked really successfully and I would like to praise the fire crew for their expertise and rescue work. Luckily the horses – a mare and her foal aged around two years – were fine and had no injuries apart from a couple of grazes. The owner was relieved to see the horses safe and has been advised to block up the access point.

“It is quite unusual for horses to go down a dark tunnel, and hopefully they won’t be doing it again anytime soon.”

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