Pony iRSPCA Cymru has launched a search for the owner of an emaciated Shetland pony left in an “awful condition” on land adjacent to the A48 in the Coedkernew vicinity.

The animal welfare charity was notified after concerns from members of the public, who had seen the pony struggling to move.

An officer attended, and found a black Shetland pony unable to properly walk or stand-up, who was lame on their hind legs. The pony’s hips and spine could be easily seen, and the coat appeared very matted and clumpy.

The pony was being flygrazed opposite a large lay-by containing a burger van near the A48. The charity say grazing in the area was “very poor”, and that the pony’s condition should have been “a major concern for any owner.”

A search for information has now been launched, with RSPCA eager to decipher how and why the pony was allowed to get into such condition.

RSPCA inspector Izzi Hignell said: “This poor black Shetland pony was found emaciated and in an awful condition.

“Grazing on the land was very poor, and the condition of this equine should undoubtedly have provided a major concern for any owner.

“The pony was located near the A48, opposite the large lay-by including a burger van, near a Coedkernew farm.

“If anyone has information about who owns this pony, or how it came to be found in this state, then we urge them to contact us. Our inspectorate appeal line can be reached on 0300 123 8018.”

Should you wish to help RSPCA Cymru, you can donate online. The RSPCA is a charity and relies on public donations.