Openreach van cat - Caerau Lane iiRSPCA Cymru has thanked local firefighters and an Openreach engineer, after a feral cat had to be removed from the bonnet of a parked van in Cardiff.

The animal welfare charity had been alerted after a member of the public found the cat, motionless on the floor and covered in mud, in the early hours of June 14. It was understood that an incident took place where the cat had been involved in a road traffic collision on Caerau Lane, in the Caerau area of the city.

RSPCA attended the scene to find the cat collapsed at the roadside, but when the animal was approached, it ran up into the bonnet of a parked Openreach van.

The support of South Wales Fire & Rescue Service was enlisted, and firefighters – thankfully – were able to free the cat from within the mechanics of the car.

Sadly, the severity of the male cat’s injuries from the road traffic collision meant the animal had to be put to sleep to avoid further suffering.

The cat was suffering from a fractured pelvis, crushed jaw and internal bleeding, but the RSPCA say the support of South Wales Fire & Rescue Service and the co-operation of an Openreach engineer meant the cat did not have to “endure a prolonged period of suffering”.

Emma Smith, RSPCA inspector, said: “This feral cat had clearly been involved in a nasty road traffic collision – but fled up and into a nearby Openreach van when we tried to come to his aid.

“The poor cat was very difficult to remove from the van – but firefighters, who we enlisted the help of, were fortunately able to reachOpenreach van cat - Caerau Lane iv him.

“Sadly, the cat was in a terrible way – with a series of very nasty injuries. However, we were at least able to ensure the cat did not endure a prolonged period of suffering and we’re hugely grateful to local firefighters for their support, and the co-operation of the very kind Openreach engineer too.

“This is another example of the role partnership working plays in ensuring animal welfare across Wales.”

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