Gull TV aerial iRSPCA Cymru teamed-up with South Wales Fire & Rescue Service to tend to a gull who was horribly caught by a Newport television aerial.

Officers from the animal welfare charity were alerted after the troubled gull was spotted on Alma Street in Newport on Sunday (17 June).

An RSPCA animal collection officer attended the scene, and enlisted the support of firefighters after the gull was found to be hanging by his wing from the aerial.

Fire service personnel accessed the gull – who was some 35 feet from the floor – via a cherry picker.

Sadly, the gull was so badly injured  that the difficult decision was taken to put him to sleep to prevent him suffering further.

RSPCA animal collection officer Stephanie Davidson said: “This poor gull was horribly tangled on this Alma Street television aerial. He was in a hopeless situation.

“The bird was some 35-feet from the ground, and we needed to enlist the support of firefighters, who kindly managed to reach the aerial using a cherry picker.

“Sadly, the gull’s injuries were so serious that the poor thing had to be put to sleep – but at least we were able to ensure he did not have to endure a prolonged period of suffering.

“We’re hugely grateful to South Wales Fire & Rescue Service for their help in reaching this trapped gull. This was another example of the importance of partnership working to help animals in need.

“This was a sad incident which highlights the dangers even everyday objects often to pose to Wales’ wildlife. Anyone who spots an animal in distress can contact us via our 24-hour emergency line on 0300 1234 999.”

For more information on what to do if you find an injured wild animal, visit the RSPCA website. If you wish to help RSPCA Cymru, you can donate online. The RSPCA is a charity and relies on public donations.