Spot the catA cat’s leg was left badly broken after being shot with an air rifle near Llanelli.

RSPCA Cymru was notified after the female tortoiseshell cat, named Spot, was shot last Friday (8 June), in the village of Pontyberem.

The cat – aged six – was taken to a veterinary practice, where it was confirmed her leg was broken by an air rifle pellet.

Spot is now set to undergo an operation to have the damaged leg amputated.

Members of the local community have been urged to come forward with information, by the RSPCA, should they know anything linked to the cat shooting.

Keith Hogben, RSPCA inspector, said: “Sadly, the RSPCA is again having to call on a local community to offer up information related to an animal being harmed by an air gun pellet.

“This poor tortoiseshell cat has been left with her leg broken as a consequence of an incident which took place last Friday in Pontyberem.

“Anyone with any information is urged to contact our inspectorate appeal line; which can be reached on 0300 123 8018.”

Throughout 2017 alone, the RSPCA took 70 calls related to air gun attacks in Wales – and the charity wants to see the law changed so air gun owners and users are required to hold a licence.

Inspector Hogben added: “New regulation around air weapons would be an important step forward, and help protect animals, asSpot x-ray ii well as people.

“We want to see stricter controls over air guns usage, as well as better education and explanation of the law for those purchasing one.

“Sadly, RSPCA officers in Wales regularly investigate sad incidents – like this one – where an animal has been injured, or worse, as a result of air gun usage.”

If you wish to help RSPCA Cymru investigate cat shootings such as this, you can donate online. The RSPCA is a charity and relies on public donations.