A woman and two men have been sentenced after a Staffordshire bull terrier called Bob was beaten in the yard of a Manchester property.  


Chelsea Alice Clayton (D.O.B 22.03.93) of Memorial Road, Walkden and Jamie Lee Wilson (D.O.B 24.08.94) of Birch Road, Walkden can be seen punching Bob in the yard of her house on Memorial Road on 17 August in the ‘very distressing’ footage, as he cries out.Bob the Staffy


At a hearing in February, they were convicted in absence of one offence under the Animal Welfare Act of causing unnecessary suffering to Bob by subjecting him to unreasonable physical violence, and appeared before Manchester City Magistrates’ Court to be sentenced yesterday (Tuesday 29 May).


Clayton was given eight weeks custody suspended for 12 months; a 15-day rehabilitation order; disqualified from keeping animals for eight years and ordered to pay £200 costs.


Wilson was given 14 weeks custody and disqualified from keeping animals for 10 years. He has appealed his sentence but was refused bail pending that hearing.


Sentencing them, the District Judge described the footage as “most shocking” and their actions as “deliberate, prolonged and despicable”. He described Bob as being “in significant distress”.


RSPCA inspector Vicki McDonald said: “The footage of Bob being beaten is very distressing to watch.


“Whilst Bob is actually largely obscured from view because of a wall, you can see Clayton and Wilson raising their fists and repeatedly punching him, grabbing him and throwing him around during the two separate incidents that were caught on camera.


“They are viciously beating him and all the time you can hear him crying out in what certainly seems to be pain and fear.


“There can be no doubt that they knew they were hurting him.”


Bob the StaffyBob’s owner Dean Mark Anthony Smedley (D.O.B 01.08.92) of Willow Tree Court, Eccles was at the property at the time of the offences. He was convicted in absence at the same hearing in February of two offences under the Animal Welfare Act of permitting or failing to prevent the causing of unnecessary suffering to Bob by unreasonable physical violence (1.) by Clayton and (2.) by Wilson. On 4 May, he was sentenced to 18 weeks custody suspended for two years; ordered to do 150 hours of unpaid work; disqualified from keeping animals for seven years and ordered to pay £200 costs.


Inspector McDonald said: “This was a really shocking case which is reflected by the sentences handed down.


“I’m really grateful to the witnesses who came forward to take a stand against this kind of behaviour who, in doing so, enabled us to conduct this investigation, and to the police for the help that I received from them throughout.”


Bob was signed over to the RSPCA along with a number of other animals belonging to the three friends and has been rehomed.