Circuses logo LOW resPeople across Wales have been urged to vote with their feet and steer clear of separate circus shows currently travelling the country with performing wild animals in tow.

RSPCA Cymru has long led the campaign to see the use of wild animals in circuses outlawed in Wales – and celebrated success recently when the Welsh Government announced it is exploring legislative options to introduce a ban.

However, the practice presently remains legal in Wales – and two circuses featuring a number of performing wild animals are putting on a series of shows across the nation.

One circus is presently in Welshpool in Mid Wales. Wild animals understood to be touring with them include reindeer, raccoons, zebra, a camel, a fox, a macaw and a zebu.

Meanwhile, another circus, featuring performing wild animals is currently in Chepstow, and has additional dates booked for a venue in Porthcawl.

Dr Ros Clubb, senior scientific manager specialising in captive wild animals, said: “Wild animals do not belong in the circus and it’s sad that in the coming days and weeks, this outdated practice will be active – via two different circus shows – at sites in Welshpool, Chepstow and Porthcawl, with other venues likely to follow.

“With these shows back on tour, wherever they end up in Wales, we urge people to vote with their feet, steer clear and make a clear statement that Wales does not want to see wild animals in circuses anymore.

“The RSPCA is delighted that the Welsh Government is exploring legislative options to consign wild animals in circuses to the history books. The spectre of circus life for wild animals – with its travelling environment, cramped accommodation and forced training – must be brought to an end, once and for all.”

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