A father and son have been banned from keeping animals for life after one of their dogs was found collapsed and crying while being “eaten alive” by maggots in the backyard of their Nottingham home.

Son Van Huynh (DOB 20/08/65) and Hai Hunyh (DOB 02/02/96), both of Kildare Road, Nottingham, appeared at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court on Friday to be sentenced after pleading guilty to eight Animal Welfare Act offences between them, relating to the neglect of three dogs.

The court heard that the RSPCA became involved in August last year after a neighbour contacted the animal welfare charity about a “high-pitched whining” which was coming from the garden of the house in the St Ann’s area of the city.

When RSPCA inspector Susan Hammond arrived at the house, she found that the high-pitched whining was coming from a Japanese akita dog, named Skye, who had collapsed and was covered in maggots.

There was a second dog also in the garden, a German Shepherd called Gino, and a third dog, a shih tzu called Miko, was inside the house living in a poor environment. None of the dogs had access to an adequate supply of fresh water.

Inspector Hammond said: “Skye was in such a poor condition and had collapsed, she wasn’t able to stand at all. Her high-pitched crying was evident that she was suffering a great deal. She had open wounds on her body which were covered in maggots – her skin was rotting away and she was being eaten alive.

“Myself and the vet who accompanied me on the visit to the house were really saddened by Skye’s state and she was put to sleep on humane grounds.”

Gino and Miko were taken to a vets, where examination showed that Gino was suffering from tumours on his foot and anus. The vet made the difficult decision to put him to sleep on welfare grounds.

Sadly, Miko was put to sleep by a vet after he was aggressive and attacked a member of staff at an RSPCA centre.

The court heard that Hai was looking after the dogs while his father was away, and that they had never been in trouble with the courts before.

“This is a very sad case which was the result of a long period of neglect. Hai was responsible for the dogs’ welfare while his dad was away, but they had already been suffering prior to this,” added Inspector Hammond.

“These poor dogs were neglected for possibly months. If you are aware that your pet needs veterinary treatment, please don’t wait to seek help. When you have an animal you are legally responsible to ensure that they are not suffering and that their needs are being met. It is simply not acceptable to treat animals like this.”

As well as a lifetime ban on keeping animals, both were also given a 12-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months.