Property - iTwo cats were left alone in a filthy Port Talbot property for two weeks – costing one his life – in a “shocking example” of animal neglect, with the defendant handed a suspended prison sentence.

Celia Hart, aged 54, of Geifr Road, Margam, Port Talbot, pleaded guilty to two Animal Welfare Act offences at Swansea Magistrates Court and was sentenced on Tuesday (24 April).

Her two cats – Domino and Moses – were left alone in the home, described by the owner as “squalid”. Cobwebs were evident throughout the downstairs of the property, with waste piling up across various rooms. The cats had been left without food or water – leading them both to suffer unnecessarily.

Ms Hart was handed a 12-week prison term, suspended for 12 months, and told to do a 20-day rehabilitation activity requirement, as a consequence of her actions. She was also banned from keeping any species of animal for a decade, and ordered to pay £300 in costs and a £115 victim surcharge.

Sadly, the lack of care provided to Moses resulted in the cat dying. Domino – who was found emaciated and dehydrated – was rushed to a veterinary practice and, fortunately, responded well to emergency treatment and has now been happily rehomed.

RSPCA inspector Gemma Cooper said: “These two defenceless cats were left abandoned, and alone, without food or water in a squalid Port TalbotDomino - after i property.

“It was a shocking example of animal neglect, with the poor cats given no chance in a locked, filthy property without even basic sustenance.

“The defendant showed significant remorse for her actions. This case highlights how important it is for owners to seek appropriate help for animals if their situation means they are facing problems in providing them with appropriate care.

“Simply, there’s no excuse for this sort of neglect – with poor Moses dying as a consequence; and Domino dehydrated and emaciated. I shudder to think as to how both these poor felines suffered. Fortunately, our intervention was able to save Domino, who has now been happily rehomed.”