RSPCA Cymru is appealing for information after an eight-month-old kitten was found shot in Cardiff.

The kitten’s owners were shocked to find that a pellet had gone straight through her body when she returned home injured on Saturday (21 April) and reported the shocking incident to RSPCA Cymru.

Luckily, the kitten named Honey, was not fatally hurt but has sustained injuries to her left side. Her owners took her straight away to the vets and is receiving veterinary treatment.

Cat shot appeal Cardiff Honey pic2RSPCA inspector Sophie Daniels said: “Honey came home on Saturday with this awful injury, which must have caused her considerable amount of pain.

“The incident is believed to have taken place in the Graig Road area in Lisvane before 2pm on Saturday.

“Simply, this sad and shocking incident is the latest example of the suffering to pets that one person with an air weapon can cause. Luckily in this case Honey is ok.”

RSPCA Cymru is urging anyone with information potentially related to the incident to contact the charity.

“We urge anyone with any relevant information to come forward, and contact the RSPCA’s inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018,” said inspector Daniels.

“It’s so difficult to understand why anyone would carry out such mindless attacks on innocent, defenceless creatures.”

If you wish to help RSPCA Cymru look into incidences such as this, you can donate online. The RSPCA is a charity and rely on public donations.