An RSPCA officer who is usually busy rescuing animals in the West Midlands proved she’s never really off-duty – when she rescued a tiny kitten from a car engine during a holiday in Mauritius this week.

RSPCA inspector Herchy Boal swapped the streets of Birmingham for the beaches of Mauritius as she jetted off on her holidays with her husband, Surj, on 25 March.

But she couldn’t spend two whole weeks without getting her animal fix so, on Thursday (5 April), she spent the day visiting the island’s own animal welfare charity Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare.

She said: “It was fantastic to visit MSAW and see the fantastic work they’re doing on the island to help animals.

“I was able to understand more about animal welfare in Mauritius and could also share my own experiences of working for the RSPCA with them.

“It was great to meet people who are as dedicated to animal welfare as me and my RSPCA colleagues.”

And, despite being 6,300 miles from home on a small island in the Indian Ocean, just off the coast of Africa, Herchy still found herself on duty when a little eight-week-old feral kitten needed her help.

“We were waiting in the car park before our visit and were about to have a tour when we heard the kitten crying and the bonnet of a car nearby was up,” she explained.

“Everyone was stood around and didn’t know what to do. You could hear the frightened puss crying out so I did what I normally would – got under the car in the dirt to help free him!

“Luckily he wasn’t hurt and didn’t seem too worse for wear so I released him there and then.

“When you’re an RSPCA inspector and as crazy about animals as me, you’re never really off-duty. And if there’s an animal that needs help, I’ll always do what I can to help them whether I’m at home in Birmingham or thousands of miles away in a tropical paradise!”

During her visit to Mauritius, Herchy also found herself helping another animal – a dog she called Ana who befriended her on the beach.

“Every morning Ana walks with me on the beach,” Herchy said. “She will sit with me while I read too. When we first arrived, a week ago, she’d run away.

“But she seems to have learned now that I’m a friend. She must know that I need the company of dogs – even when I’m on my holidays!”