A very savvy cat has been put in charge of RSPCA Cymru’s brand new Instagram account, and is doing a “paw-some” job with her keen eye for slick selfies, and fabulous photographs.  

Charity staff were stunned as the photogenic feline – from the RSPCA’s Newport Animal Centre – showed a keen eye for snapping fantastic photos; using her paws to take wonderful selfies of rescue animals.

The cat – known to her friends as “Flash” – has now been put in charge of RSPCA Cymru’s new Instagram account, which will showcase the unique animal welfare work undertaken by the charity across Wales.

Flash utilises her “highly developed senses” and “expert” hunting skills to seek out amazing photographs – and posts them online. Instagram members are now being urged to follow RSPCA Cymru on the social media platform.

RSPCA Cymru’s Instagram account will feature photographs of all aspects of the RSPCA’s work across Wales. Snaps at Flash’s disposal will include RSPCA inspectorate rescues, rehoming appeals, campaign materials and more.

Rachel O’Hagan, from the RSPCA’s Newport Animal Centre, said: “Cats are well-known for being expert hunters – and Flash’s speciality seems to be hunting down the perfect photograph. It’s incredible to see her at work – she is doing a paw-some job.

“We were stunned as she showed such a flair for taking selfies and photographs – so she seemed the obvious choice to be at the helm of RSPCA Cymru’s new Instagram account.

“Staff keep Flash well-rewarded for her endeavours, with lots of treats, toys and fuss always appreciated!

“Felines have highly developed senses – so perhaps it’s no surprise that Flash has such a keen-eye for tracking down photographs that we know our followers are going to love.

“Cats use a range of methods to communicate – but Flash likes nothing more than keeping in touch via social media! It really is amazing – and we hope as many people as possible check out her amazing exploits over on the new Instagram page.”