An RSPCA inspector became a real life Alice in Wonderland when she followed a rabbit into a drain in the Ringway area of Northampton on Tuesday (March 13).

Inspector Susan Haywood was called on Tuesday afternoon after a member of the public spotted the rabbit stuck amongst the rubbish six feet down.

Two teenagers then waited with the rabbit until the inspector was able to get there to carry out the rescue.

It took Inspector Haywood an hour and a half to entice the rabbit out using nets.

She then took the rabbit home to check him over, gave him a good meal and he was released the following day at dusk.

Inspector Haywood said: “I think this poor rabbit must have fallen through the gap into the drain.

“He was lucky he was found as obviously he couldn’t make as much noise as a cat or a dog would in the same situation.

“Fortunately, other than being a bit thin, he didn’t have any lasting injuries so was able to be released after he’d had a feed.

“He’s a wild rabbit who was absolutely petrified so the best thing to do was to release him back into the wild. Hopefully he’s learnt his lesson and won’t go on any more adventures like this one!”

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