The RSPCA rescued a collapsed 19-year-old terrier cross who had been shut outside in the snow in temperatures of -3C during the Beast from the East.


The animal welfare charity received an anonymous call on 2 March to an address in Coventry, West Midlands.

RSPCA inspector Herchy Boal said: “Unfortunately during the recent snowy weather we received a huge number of calls – many of which were people who were concerned for dogs that had been shut outside in gardens, despite the freezing temperatures.

“The RSPCA is restricted in what we can do in many of these situations as, while we certainly wouldn’t advise keeping dogs outside, it is not illegal to do so if the dog has adequate shelter.

“However, in some cases, there is an urgent need for our involvement and, when we receive reports of vulnerable and exposed animals in this type of weather, we know we need to respond quickly.”

Stormy is a little dog with a short coat and was left outside during the cold, snowy weather.

Inspector Boal said: “Records show it was between -1 and -3C that day and there was a significant amount of snow on the ground.”

But her major concern was his age. At 19, or 92 in dog years, he should not have been outside in that weather.Stormy2

He was taken into RSPCA care and Inspector Boal took him to see the vets at RSPCA Newbrook Farm Animal Hospital in Birmingham.

He has had veterinary checks and some dental work, and is now being looked after by staff in the Newbrook Farm Animal Centre where he will go up for rehoming – making him the oldest dog the centre has ever rehomed, and one of the oldest the charity has ever rescued.

“Despite his age, Stormy is in generally good health and we’d like to find him a lovely new home,” Inspector Boal said.

“He’s a really sweet little dog and he’d make the perfect companion for an older person who wants to share their sofa with a new friend.”

Anyone who is interested in offering Stormy a new home should contact RSPCA Newbrook Farm Animal Centre by calling 0300 123 8585.

To help the RSPCA continue rescuing and rehoming dogs like Stormy, please donate by visiting