Golden plover AA golden plover has been rescued by the RSPCA, after being spotted alone in a domestic garden in the Porthcawl area for a number of days. 

Residents spotted the bird, who was walking around a garden for approximately four days, but made no attempt to fly away, or lift their wings.

The RSPCA was alerted to the bird’s situation, and collected an underweight golden plover, who was able to run and fly only a very short distance.

Officers noticed the bird had a dirty beak, indicating attempts had been made to forage.

The bird was kept locally in the care of the RSPCA, where it gained weight on a diet of earthworms and mealworms, before being transferred to specialist wildlife facilities – where rehabilitation is ongoing.

Estimates from the RSPB suggest between 38,000 and 59,000 breeding pairs of golden plovers in the UK annually.

RSPCA animal collection officer Ellie West said: “We’re so pleased we were able to help this golden plover – who was found unable to properly fly in a Porthcawl garden.

“Golden plover are not that rare  but the residents must have had some shock to see this beautiful creature running around their garden for some while.

 “Fortunately, the golden plover responded very well to our immediate care, and is now at our specialist facilities in Taunton for rehabilitation. We hope to be able to return this bird to the wild as soon as possible.”

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