New homes are being sought for 12 piglets born after their mums were signed over to the RSPCA as part of an ongoing investigation.


The Iron Age cross piglets are in the care of Askham Bryan College in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, where their mums arrived towards the end of last year.


They are aged between six and ten weeks and are looking for new homes as pets, ideally in groups. All will be ready to be rehomed by the end of the month.Molly Lownsbrough and Stockings and  Lucynda Hodgson and Star

RSPCA inspector Kate Burris said: “Eight pigs were signed over to us for rehoming as part of an ongoing investigation and it soon became clear that four of them were very pregnant.


“The staff at Askham Bryan College agreed to take them on and it wasn’t long before they were inundated with piglets, a whopping 18 in total!


“The college is going to keep some of the piglets, and all of the adults, as pets, but we are looking for great new homes for the others where they can live out the rest of their lives.”


The piglets are a mixture of males and females. Most of the piglets are black, but a couple are ginger and a couple are pink with black spots. All of the males will be castrated before rehoming.


Lucynda Hodgson, lead animal keeper at Askham Bryan College in Middlesbrough, said: “Everyone who meets the pigs falls in love with them.


“They’re amazing animals with so much personality and an absolute joy to be around.


“The piglets have formed close friendships with each other, and definitely have their bestest hog friends, and we’re keen to keep these together as the go on to new homes.


“Pet pigs have specific needs and, like farmed pigs, there are strict laws concerning their diet, identification and movement so anyone considering keeping a pig as a pet should find out as much as possible about their needs to decide whether they are a realistic pet for you.


“If you are in a position to be able to offer them a new home though we’d absolutely love to hear from you.”


More information about keeping pigs as pets can be found here

Anyone who thinks they could offer a group of piglets a home should email