A cat who is ‘allergic’ to living in a cattery is desperately looking for a new home.

Luna came into the RSPCA’s care in November after being found injured and straying in Birmingham. Initially she went into a foster home and was doing well, but was transferred to the charity’s Birmingham cattery before Christmas.

Shortly after settling into the RSPCA’s Newbrook Animal Centre, in Birmingham, Luna started to show symptoms of fur loss and sore feet. She was put back into a foster home, where her symptoms disappeared.

Three months on from her arrival into RSPCA care, the charity is still looking for a loving home for her.

Emma Finnimore, cattery supervisor at Newbrook, said: “Luna is an absolute sweetheart and we are desperately looking to find her a home. She got very stressed out from being in a cattery environment, it was as though she was allergic to it!

“We think that her symptoms were stress-related, she simply couldn’t cope with living in a cattery environment. She seems less stressed in a foster home, although she got a little stressed out when her foster carer went away for a few days.

“She’s been with us now for 98 days*, which means she has spent Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day without a home to call her own.”

Luna had to have an eye removed when she arrived at the RSPCA, due to an injury – however she’s adapted well to having one eye.

Emma added: “She is a proper lap cat and climbs on the moment she sees you take a seat. If you pick her up she will give the best cuddles!

“Luna will suit a quiet home to match her personality. She could live with children of a primary school age who understand she likes a peaceful life.

“Luna enjoys being groomed as this is more fuss and attention for her. She isn’t really interested in toys and when we’ve tried, she just looks at us as if to say, ‘yeah right!’

“We know for sure that Luna will make a great addition to her new home and will be a fantastic companion.”

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