The RSPCA is appealing for information after a guinea pig was abandoned in a carrier bag in the car park of a supermarket.

A member of the public found the small animal at Asda in Minworth, Sutton Coldfield, on Saturday evening, and contacted the RSPCA.

Inspector Kate Levesley collected the guinea pig and took him to a vet, where he was checked over.

Kate said: “This poor guinea pig had been put in a box, which was put inside an Asda plastic bag. He was very lethargic when he was found but had no obvious injuries.

“It would seem that whoever abandoned him had just decided to give up and dump him. It is really sad that someone thought this was acceptable.

“When you take on a pet you need to be committed to looking after the animal for their whole life, and to do lots of research. Not doing so can result in sad situations like this.”

The guinea pig is now in the RSPCA’s care, where he will be rehomed.

Anyone who has any information about who abandoned the guinea pig is asked to contact the RSPCA’s appeals line in complete confidence on 0300 123 8018.

Last month, the RSPCA dealt with three hamsters who had been abandoned in a box which had “free hamsters” written on it, in the Sarehole Mill area of Birmingham.

Kate added: “Sadly the RSPCA does deal with a large number of animals being dumped. We really can’t stress how important it is to be absolutely sure before taking on a new pet.”

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