Salad CThe search is on to find a loving new home for an affectionate North Wales Staffordshire bull terrier, who loves the seaside and playing games.

Salad – a ten-year-old female dog – is currently in the care of the RSPCA’s West Gwynedd branch, and is based with a fosterer.

The dog has been described as an “affectionate, playful and fun” companion, who could live with children of secondary school age.

RSPCA West Gwynedd took the animal into their care after a previous owner was unable to devote the time to her she deserves.

Salad has mild arthritis, but is in a healthy condition for her age, and is very happy spending time with people, being affectionate and playing games – such as ‘sit’, ‘lie down’, ‘roll over’, and giving her paw.

It would be ideal if Salad was the only dog based in the household, as she prefers to admire other dogs at a slight distance – but arrangements could be discussed with the branch.

Charlotte Hughes, volunteer and fosterer with the RSPCA’s West Gwynedd branch, said: “We’re desperate to find Salad a fantastic new forever home. She is such an affectionate, playful and fun dog, who would make a simply amazing companion.

“As a foster carer, some hard work has been done with Salad, as her paws were a little soft when she came into the care of RSPCA West Gwynedd, indicating that she perhaps hadn’t had as many walks as she should have.

“However, aside from some mild arthritis, Salad is a happy, healthy dog – who does amazing tricks and loves little more than playing by the sea, and being with people.

“Anyone looking to meet Salad, and potentially offer her a second chance of forever home happiness, can contact RSPCA West Gwynedd on 01248 671304.”

For more information on rescue pets looking for another chance at happiness, check out the ‘Find a Pet’ section on the RSPCA’s website.