IMG_20171215_113452988RSPCA Cymru is appealing for information after a lethargic snake was found in the Kinmel Bay area.

The charity was alerted after the black, yellow/white and red milk snake was found by St. Asaph Avenue on Friday (15 December). The unwell snake was spotted by children who were walking to school.

Milk snakes are from the same genus as kingsnakes and are common in the reptile pet trade.

Sadly, the snake was in poor condition, with a badly damaged mouth. It was taken to a veterinary practice for assessment, and has made some improvements in recent days, but remains in a “worrying state”.

Anyone with information related to how this snake may have been found outside, alone and in a poor condition in Kinmel Bay is urged to contact the charity’s inspectorate appeal line.

RSPCA inspector Jenny Anderton said: “We received calls about a snake appearing lethargic in the Kinmel Bay area on Friday (15 December).

“The black and red snake is approximately two-feet long. Unfortunately, the snake came into our care in poor condition, with mouth problems that are currently being treated.

“While the snake has shown some improvements in recent days, the animal remains in a worrying state.

“If anyone has information about who may own the snake, or where it may have come from, we urge them to contact our inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.”

Should you wish to help the RSPCA investigate incidents such as these, you can donate to us online.