IMG_20171214_130515638A cardboard box containing two kittens has been found abandoned by a car at Newport’s Spytty Retail Park.

The discovery has prompted an RSPCA Cymru appeal for information to the local community.

A member of the public reported to the RSPCA finding the cardboard box – for a pink swivel bath seat – next to her car at the retail park on Monday (11 December).

The two male kittens, both black and white domestic short-haired cats, are believed to be aged between four and five months.

Both kittens are in good condition, except for some evidence of fleas, and are very friendly – suggesting, according to an RSPCA officer, that they are “very likely to have come from a domestic environment”.

Anyone with information about how the kittens came to be found in the cardboard box at Spytty

Retail Park is urged to contact the charity’s inspectorate appeal line.

RSPCA inspector Gemma Black said: “It’s unthinkable why anyone would deem it acceptable to abandon these two young kittens in Spytty Retail Park like this. The cardboard box they were left in was very small – and it would have been some squeeze to fit these two kittens inside.

“They’re both such friendly, kind cats that they are very likely to have come from a domestic environment.


“Fortunately, they’ve come into our care in good health, and we’re now eager to find out what happened with regards to this incident – or to see if anyone recognises these kittens.

“Anyone with information about how these two male black and white domestic short-hai

red cats were dumped should contact our inspectorate appeal line. We can be reached on 0300 123 8018, and calls are treated in confidence.”

To help the RSPCA investigate incidents such as this and to support the charity’s ‘kindness’ campaign visit the charity’s website.