A neglected cat from Liverpool who had been abandoned in a house is due to star on the small screen in the new Channel 5 show Jo Brand’s Cats and Kittens.  

Scatty was rescued by the RSPCA after concerned neighbours reported that they believed the cat had been abandoned in the house after the tenants moved out.

RSPCA inspector Paul Heaton attended the property with the landlord. When they entered the house, they found underweight Scatty living amongst her own faeces and rubbish.

Paul said: “Scatty had been rescued in the nick of time. There was no food for her and no water – we didn’t know when the last time was that she’d eaten or drank.

“Neighbours reported her to us after she was seen coming up the window and crying. It is so sad to think that someone thought it was perfectly acceptable to leave her like that.”

Thankfully, despite being underweight, Scatty was given a clean bill of health by a vet and was put up for rehoming. She was rehomed to a loving family who renamed her Sooty.

Viewers of Jo Brand’s Cats and Kittens will be able to follow her story from the moment she was rescued, to her new home, on the programme which will air on Tuesday 12 December.

Comedian Jo Brand, who presents the show, said: “I’m a self-confessed feline fanatic and this series goes behind the scenes and follows the RSPCA inspectors, vets and volunteers who work tirelessly to save the nation’s cats from harm. From four-storey falls, to cats stuck up chimneys the RSPCA have their work cut out rescuing Britain’s moggies from danger and we follow them every step of the way!”

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