The story of a cat who had his tail severed after getting hit by a car in Liverpool will star on the small screen in the new Channel 5 show Jo Brand’s Cats and Kittens.

Matt Brown and Tails.jpg

The new TV show follows RSPCA officers across the country as they rescue moggies from a variety of different situations.

In tomorrow night’s episode, RSPCA Animal Welfare Officer Matt Brown is seen attending to an emergency after a member of the public called the charity about a cat in a playground who was bleeding heavily.

When Matt arrived at the playground in St Anne’s Street, he could see the cat in a pool of blood – but it wasn’t immediately obvious what was wrong with him.

“It wasn’t until I picked him up that I saw why he was bleeding so much – his tail had been completely severed,” said Matt. “He had been hit by a car and as a result his tail had come off completely.”

Tails at Vets.jpg

The cat, who Matt nicknamed Tails, was taken to the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Hospital, where staff worked to save the cat’s life.

“He was in a very bad way,” said Matt. “We weren’t sure if he’d make it and it was touch and go, because there were concerns that his back legs had been badly damaged too.

“But he pulled through, and happily has been rehomed. He has used up all of his nine lives, that’s for sure – but I’ve heard that he is very happy in his new home.”

The recovery of the cat, who has been renamed Rudy, will be seen on the TV show, right from the moment of his rescue to his adoption.

Comedian Jo Brand, who presents the show, said: “I’m a self-confessed feline fanatic and this series goes behind the scenes and follows the RSPCA inspectors, vets and volunteers who work tirelessly to save the nation’s cats from harm.  From four-storey falls, to cats stuck up chimneys the RSPCA have their work cut out rescuing Britain’s moggies from danger and we follow them every step of the way!”

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