Wirral RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes will return to the small screen next week in new Channel 5 show Jo Brand’s Cats and Kittens – where cameras will follow him rescuing stray kittens from a scrap yard and returning a confused and lost cat with her worried owner.

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The inspector, who also stars in Channel 5 show The Dog Rescuers, is among a group of RSPCA officers across the country who had a camera crew follow them as they go about attending incidents involving moggies.

Anthony, who has worked as an RSPCA inspector since 2009, said: “It’s been fun filming for Jo Brand’s Cats and Kittens. Compared to dogs, there are a whole different set of situations which cats get themselves in, mainly because they are out and about and they can get themselves in a lot of bother, whether it’s getting stuck up trees or chimneys.

“The TV show also highlights the sad situations which cats can be in as a result of irresponsible pet ownership, including being abandoned and not getting urgent veterinary treatment.”

In next week’s episode, which will be broadcast on Tuesday 21 November, viewers will see Anthony visit a property in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, after receiving reports of a lost and pregnant-looking cat trying to get into different houses.

“The woman who called us about the cat was concerned that she was trying to find somewhere to give birth,” said Anthony. “I collected the cat and took her to the vets, but it turned out she wasn’t pregnant – just overweight! Luckily she was microchipped and we were able to reunite her with her worried owner, who had been looking for her.”

Anthony will also make an appearance in the following week’s episode, to be broadcast on Tuesday 28 November, which will see him rescue a mother cat and her three kittens from a scrapyard in Wallasey.

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Anthony said: “This was a tough job and it took us over three days to catch all of the cats, as they were living under a disused shipping container and would move away whenever we got near them.

“We had to leave cat traps, but the kittens were so light that they weren’t setting off the pressure pads in the traps – so they’d go in the traps to eat the food we’d left for them and run straight out again.

“Thankfully we got them in the end. All of the kittens were in a good condition and they were fully weaned – their mum had done a good job with them. We were worried that their mum was feral but when we managed to catch her she was so friendly and loving, which leads us to believe that sadly she was abandoned by her previous owners.

“Happily though, all of the kittens and the mother cat – who we named Posey – have all be rehomed.”

Comedian Jo Brand, who presents the show, said: “I’m a self-confessed feline fanatic and this series goes behind the scenes and follows the RSPCA inspectors, vets and volunteers who work tirelessly to save the nation’s cats from harm. From four-storey falls, to cats stuck up chimneys the RSPCA have their work cut out rescuing Britain’s moggies from danger and we follow them every step of the way!”

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