IMG_20171109_151812A snake which was rescued by RSPCA Cymru after being found in the sewage system at a Caernarfon Treatment Works has been reunited with her owner FOUR MONTHS after escaping.

RSPCA Cymru was contacted after the Carolina corn snake was found by unsuspected employees at the Dwr Cymru site in North Wales.

The snake was rescued by an RSPCA officer, with the assistance of staff at the Treatment Works, prompting a search for the owner.

Ms Rebecca Wood, from Llanllyfni in Caernarfon, spotted the snake in a local newspaper, and “knew immediately” it was Charlie, who had been missing from her home since 14 July. Charlie belongs to her son, Dion Edwards.

She said: “Charlie escaped on 14 July – but I always had a feeling she would come back.

“We’re unclear how she escaped, but after she got out, we found shampoo bottles knocked over all around our bathroom.

“As soon as I saw the newspaper article about Charlie being found, I was shaking – as soon as I saw the photo I knew immediately that our snake had been found. We’re just relieved to have Charlie home, who is now getting plenty of rest.”

RSPCA inspector Andrew Broadbent added: “This was a remarkable rescue, which has captured the imagination of so many across North Wales. We’re so relieved to have been able to reunite Charlie with the owners, after an incredible four months apart.”

If you wish to help the RSPCA complete rescues such as this, you can donate online. The RSPCA are a charity and rely on public donations.