A dog named after movie character Bruce Almighty had to be rescued by the RSPCA from an island in the middle of a lake – as unlike his namesake, this little pomeranian couldn’t walk on water!

Bruce Almighty got himself in a bit of a pickle after chasing a squirrel onto the island in Pennington Flash Country Park, in Leigh, Greater Manchester.

The tiny dog swam over to the island in the cold water but seemed to instantly regret it as he wouldn’t swim back.

RSPCA Animal Welfare Officer Steve Wickham and Animal Collection Officer Gina Ratcliff attended to rescue little Bruce.

Steve said: “When we got there we could see Bruce barking and shivering on this island. He had chased a squirrel onto there and had bravely plunged into the cold water and swam 20ft onto the island, but once he was on there he didn’t want to go back into the water, which is understandable as it was very cold.

“I got into my wet gear and waded through the water – which was chest-deep on me – towards Bruce, who was barking away. Thankfully he managed to stay still long enough for me to put a lead on him and bring him back to safety. He was very cold and shivering but we wrapped him up in a blanket and he seemed content that his ordeal was over.

“It made us laugh that he was called Bruce Almighty – but of course, he can’t walk on water like Jim Carey’s character could!”

Bruce was being walked by his owner’s dad, Glen Wadeson, when the incident happened. Glen said: “My wife Pat and I look after Bruce every day while our son Martin is at work. Bruce is very good off his lead and stays with us, but he saw this squirrel and went to chase it – next thing I know he was on this little island. He must have thought that the green slime on top of the water was grass.

“He wouldn’t come back over as he was frightened.

“Bruce was such a good boy throughout the whole rescue. When we got him home we gave him a bath and he started running around – we call him ‘The Bullet’ as he runs around a lot. He is absolutely fine after his experience.”

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  • A video of the rescue can be downloaded from this link.