An injured kitten who broke her leg after falling from a fourth floor balcony in London, became a star on the small screen in the new Channel 5 show Jo Brand’s Cats and Kittens.  

Poor little Saba was lucky to be alive after such a terrible fall, and self-confessed cat lover Jo Brand joined staff at RSPCA Harmsworth Memorial Hospital – one of the country’s busiest animal hospitals, to help the team save the life of the young kitten whose curiosity nearly ended in tragedy. saba and jo.jpg

Having fallen four floors from a balcony, the outlook for Saba did not look good and vet Kamilla De Oliveira, who was on duty when Saba was brought in, said that the poor mite had a low temperature and was in shock, adding that given what had happened – the kitten was lucky to be alive.

After taking a few x-rays, it was clear to see that there was excessive damage to Saba’s leg. Vet Cat Wood confirmed that the poor kitten’s bones had been shattered beyond repair and the only option and the kindest thing to do was to amputate.

While it might seem like a drastic procedure, due to Saba being so young, she should adapt extremely well and be able to live a normal, healthy life just like any other four-legged feline.

Now, two months on and she is doing fantastically and also has a new loving owner and name – Hoppy.

Caroline Young, from Barnet, said “Me and my partner had no intention of getting another cat, but when our cat Peanut, who’s a big fusspot, decided he didn’t fancy the cat food brand we got him, rather than let it go to waste we decided to donate the food to an animal charity. While looking for the nearest centre on the RSPCA website, we saw Hoppy and that was it, we fell in love and instantly knew that we just had to give her a new home.

“Hoppy has been with us just a short time and to start with we were nervous about taking on a three-legged cat, but she really is amazing and it just doesn’t bother her at all.

“It just doesn’t hold her back at all and she absolutely loves racing up and down the stairs. She’s such an amazing little girl and we are so happy that she’s joined us, even though she can be very mischievous!.”

Jo Brand said: “I’m a self-confessed feline fanatic and this series goes behind the scenes and follows the RSPCA inspectors, vets and volunteers who work tirelessly to save the nation’s cats from harm.  From four-storey falls, to cats stuck up chimneys, the RSPCA have their work cut out rescuing Britain’s moggies from danger and we follow them every step of the way!”saba.jpg


Hoppy is one of 30,010 cats rescued by the RSPCA last year (2016) – that’s three every hour.

Caroline Allen, RSPCA London Veterinary Director, said Hoppy was just one of a number of cats that have been brought to the RSPCA with ‘high-rise syndrome’,  the term for the injuries seen when cats fall from a height.

She said: “In the summer months we do seem to see  an increase in the number of cats being brought in to us which have fallen from a balcony or window of a flat.

“It is unfortunately a relatively common condition that vets see during warm weather. Cats don’t seem to have good perception of great heights and it’s possible that when distracted or playing they may fall from open windows and balconies from many floors up, which can cause serious injury and even death.

“We urge owners to take great care of their cats near windows and on balconies in warm weather. Limiters and mesh can be used on windows and balcony safety meshes and nets are available.”

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