A plucky cat who ventured to the top of a telegraph pole had to be rescued – after getting stranded up there!


The RSPCA was contacted by a member of the public who spotted that the tabby cat had been stuck at the top of the 30ft-high pole in Warwick Road, in Bootle, Liverpool, for at least two hours.

Animal Welfare Officer Matt Brown and Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service attended shortly after receiving the call on Monday afternoon (30 October).

Matt said: “Why the cat had gone up there we can only guess – perhaps she chased a bird up there, or maybe she just wanted a nice view! But as agile as they are, even the most active of cats wouldn’t be able to safely get down from the top of a telegraph pole.


“A firefighter climbed up a ladder and safely brought the cat to safety. After her little adventure we nicknamed the cat Alexander, after the inventor of the telephone – it seemed a very apt name!

“She had a sore on her leg so she was taken to our Greater Manchester Animal Hospital to be treated for it.

“She was microchipped and it turned out her name is Lola. We’re now trying to reunite Lola with her owner.”

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