A hungry cat had to be rescued after he got an empty tin can jammed on his head.


The RSPCA was contacted by a worried woman who spotted the cat under her car on the driveway of her home in Longton Lane, Prescot, Merseyside, on Thursday morning last week.

Inspector Helen Smith attended and managed to pull the tin off his head – before the uninjured but sheepish cat made a dash for it.

“He had got pretty much his whole head inside the tin and we’ve no idea how long he had it on there for,” said Helen.

“As soon as I pulled it off he leapt out of my arms and ran away – he was clearly desperate to get as far away as possible from this tin!

“I’m glad that he wasn’t injured, but he would have been spared the ordeal if the can had been disposed of properly in the first place. We do see a lot of incidents where wildlife and pets are injured by litter, all of which are preventable.”

Every year, the animal welfare charity’s emergency line receives more than 7,000 calls about litter-related incidents and officers often have to rescue animals trapped or hurt by litter.

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