IMG_20171020_200257217A search is underway for the owner of a lost cat in Cardiff, who was found with microchip details registered over 2,000 miles away in Cyprus.

The ginger and white cat was spotted by a member of the public in the Butetown / Cardiff Bay area of the city on 15 October.

RSPCA Cymru was alerted after it became apparent that the cat – who was snuffling and sneezing – appeared not to have a home to go to.

The charity is now seeking to find the cat’s owner, and is urging anyone with information to contact the inspectorate appeal line 0300 123 8018.

RSPCA says the incident also acts as another timely reminder as to the importance of keeping microchip details on pets up to date.

Christine McNeil, RSPCA inspector, said: “This ginger and white cat was spotted by members of the public, and it soon became evident the cat was lost from home.

“We traced the microchip to a group called Cyprus Animal Welfare – so it’s very possible this cat moved to the UK from the Eastern Mediterranean.

“The RSPCA has made contact with this group – but we’re also calling on the local community to come forward with any information which could help return this poor cat home.

“Calls can be made to us 0300 123 8018, and we’re hoping somebody in the Butetown or Cardiff Bay area will be able to help us.

“Microchipping is a great way to identify cats, but this story is another reminder as to the importance of keeping those details up to date. In this instance, it would have meant the cat could have been returned home immediately.”

The RSPCA is a charity and relies on public donations. Should you wish to help the RSPCA, you can donate to us online.