A man who failed to trim his donkeys’ overgrown hooves has been disqualified from keeping equines for five years.


DonkeyRaymond Grigg (date of birth: 06/06/1948) of Longdogs Lane, Ottery St Mary, Devon, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to three donkeys and failing to meet the needs of five donkeys when he appeared at Exeter Magistrates’ Court on Monday (16 October 2017) following a prosecution by the RSPCA.


The donkeys were found to have suffered from prolonged neglect when they were left with chronically overgrown hooves.


Inspector Marie Griffiths said: “Equines require a lot of specialist care and it is important to remember that people who have animals have a responsibility to look after them properly, and ensure they receive the proper veterinary treatment and care when they need it.”


Magistrates also ordered Grigg to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work and pay £385 in costs, a £300 fine and a £85 victim surcharge.


Hannah Bryer, head of welfare at The Donkey Sanctuary, said: “Owning donkeys can be a hugely rewarding experience and a wonderful privilege, however they require caring and compassionate management to ensure they lead healthy and enriched lives. We would encourage anyone who currently owns or is thinking about acquiring donkeys, to seek advice on how to best meet their welfare needs before taking on the commitment.


“Sadly when our donkey welfare adviser first saw the five donkeys in this case it was obvious that they were need of immediate veterinary care. Some had significantly overgrown hooves, whilst another had suffered a wound to its leg and shoulder which was affecting its ability to walk.


“Following specialist veterinary treatment and investigative tests, the condition of two of the donkeys was such that sadly euthanasia was considered the most humane treatment option.


“Happily with the support of our vets, farriers and farm staff, the other three donkeys have made a good recovery and are living among other donkeys at one of our sanctuaries.


“We are grateful to the combined efforts of the RSPCA, Devon and Cornwall Police and St David’s Vets in investigating this case and we are happy to provide a safe and secure future for the three donkeys now in our care.”