Ollie 2The search is on to find a special new home for a Newport-based dog that has been based at an RSPCA centre for six months.

Ollie, is a friendly, loving, white crossbreed dog aged approximately two years of age. He came into the care of the RSPCA after a previous owner was not in a position to provide appropriate care, and he has now been at Newport Animal Centre since April.

Sadly, Ollie has a knee problem which will see him take medication for life. Patellar luxation means the kneecap is dislocated from its normal position, and Ollie is given pain relief for the condition.

Ollie’s medication means he can run despite the problems with his back right leg, but the challenges this condition could provide will need to be a key consideration for any prospective owner.

However, Newport Animal Centre is hopeful someone will be willing to give “such a friendly, human-loving companion” a new home; and are urging interested members of the public to head down to the Centre and meet Ollie.

Kathryn Logan, from the centre, said: “We’re desperate to find the lovely Ollie the forever home he deserves.

“He is such a friendly, human-loving companion, who just needs an understanding new owner prepared to accommodate his knee trouble.

“Ollie takes painkillers, and shows no distress on manipulation of the troubled back right leg. However, his condition will need to be an important consideration for any prospective new owner.

“We’d urge anyone potentially able to offer loving Ollie a forever home to come and meet him at the Newport Animal Centre. We’d of course fully discuss his condition with any potential adopter, and answer any questions they may have.”

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