Jessica Morden MP & Insp Sophie DanielsA Newport MP swapped the green benches of the House of Commons for the passenger seat of an RSPCA van on Thursday (October 5).

Jessica Morden MP, who represents Newport East, took to Twitter to praise the “excellent work” of the charity, after spending the day attending calls with RSPCA inspector Sophie Daniels in, and around, her constituency.

Calls dealt with included issuing a warning notice related to an obese dog, tending to calls about equine welfare, and giving advice to an individual breeding dogs.

Jessica Morden MP said: “My thanks to the RSPCA team and especially RSPCA inspector Sophie Daniels who allowed me to shadow her for the day on her calls. It was really informative to get an update on the scale and range of issues the RSPCA deal with and the powers they need to do the job.”

Sophie Daniels, RSPCA inspector, added: “We’re so grateful to Jessica Morden MP for spending the day with us in and around Newport, as we responded to animal welfare calls and concerns.

“It was great to highlight the preventative work we seek to do on the frontline – including issuing warning notices, and working with owners to improve welfare standards.

“The RSPCA receives 1.2 million calls each and every year – and ride-alongs such as this are a great way to show decision-makers the unique frontline work the RSPCA does each and every day.”

A number of Members of Parliament, and Assembly Members, from across Wales have spent the day with an RSPCA inspector, providing a valuable insight into the charity’s efforts to protect animals, and uphold welfare standards, across the country.

If you wish to help the RSPCA investigate incidences such as these, you can donate to us online. We are a charity and rely on public donations.