The RSPCA is appealing for information after a man drove up to an RSPCA animal centre, got out of his car and abandoned a dog at the gates before driving away.

CCTV footage captured the man driving into a disabled parking bay in a black Mercedes, taking the dog out of his boot and walking towards the gates of Birmingham Animal Centre, in Frankley Green, at around 8.05am on Saturday 26 August.

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A rare bird of prey has been rescued and returned to the wild by RSPCA Cymru, after she was found by a stunned Carmarthenshire resident in a chicken coop.

The goshawk had made her way into the living quarters of a flock of chickens, at a West Wales smallholding, with the ensuing commotion heard by the property’s owner.

Fortunately, all chickens safely escaped to the upstairs of their coop.  The goshawk was confined until the RSPCA attended and were able … Continue reading…

A cat stuck on top of an electricity pole was rescued, thanks to engineers from UK Power Networks who used a cherry picker to reach the stranded moggie.

The RSPCA was called on Friday August 25 to reports that a white and black cat had been spotted on top of a pole in Faversham, Kent.

The male cat, believed to be around five years old, had been stuck for a number of hours. RSPCA animal welfare officer (AWO) Tina Nash

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The RSPCA is warning people about the danger that fly paper poses to wildlife, after a swallow died after getting stuck to one.

The animal welfare charity was called to rescue the bird from a stable in Ridge End, in Marple, Stockport, on Tuesday (5 September).

Sadly, the swallow had to be put to sleep as a result of injuries sustained from being stuck to the paper.

RSPCA animal welfare officer Steve Wickham said: “When I arrived, the bird was … Continue reading…

A deer who had got himself tangled in wire around a tree was safely freed after a joint rescue operation between the RSPCA and Cheshire Fire Service.

A member of the public reported the struggling deer to the RSPCA on Friday morning (1 September), after he was  spotted in a field in Dry Knowle, Wildboarclough, in Macclesfield.

When RSPCA inspector Heather Morris arrived, she saw that he had got his antlers caught up in electric fencing wire tangled around a … Continue reading…