The RSPCA Hertfordshire East Branch is in desperate need of volunteers to fill a number of roles which will help to support sick and injured animals in need in the county.

The branch is a separately registered charity from the national RSPCA and provides much needed animal welfare services to animals in East Hertfordshire. Services include rehoming, paying for veterinary treatment, fostering and providing welfare assistance and advice.

Much of the vital animal welfare work carried out is only possible thanks to the support of a small dedicated team of volunteers who tireless fundraise for the branch.

Now, in a bid to increase the animal welfare work of the branch, an appeal has gone out to find an army of volunteers who can help in a range of roles.

RSPCA Hertfordshire East’s Branch Secretary, Hilary Cherry, said:  “Volunteers make a tremendous contribution to the work we do to prevent animal cruelty and alleviate the suffering of animals. But not only will your efforts help scores of desperate animals in the area, volunteering is also a great way to meet like-minded people whose key goal is to help animals and pet owners experiencing difficulty in meeting the costs of veterinary treatment.

“We currently have a host of volunteering roles which we would like to establish and they cover a wide spectrum, with everything from volunteer fundraising coordinators who will work with schools and local community groups, businesses, supermarkets and even the local councils, to home visitors, fosterers and volunteers for our charity shops.

“Each role is unique and absolutely vital to the work we do at the branch. Whilst many people would love to work directly with the animals, this isn’t always possible due to the commitments of modern day life. But, by giving up a few hours a week to help in our shop, people can still help animals because all the funds raised goes directly back into helping the animals we have in our care.

“For the volunteer fundraising roles we are looking for people who ideally have a sales background and who have worked proactively with the local community to generate fundraising opportunities.

“We also need home visitors to visit the homes of the people offering to re-home animals and also to visit them further down the line to see how the animals are doing after adoption.

“We also need to take on more fosterers, particularly for the large number of cats and kittens we have in our care. And finally we have a number of volunteer roles in our charity shops, and the roles can include everything from sorting donations, steaming clothes and serving.

“Volunteering is hugely rewarding and as well as helping animals in Hertfordshire you can also gain new skills and develop existing ones and it’s a chance to try something new.

“One thing that all our volunteers say is that they feel a real sense of pride and achievement knowing that their efforts will be helping others.”

It costs getting on for £100,000 to run the branch every year, and most of the money is raised by dedicated volunteers’ fundraising initiatives and donations collected locally.