A terrapin has had a lucky escape after being rescued from a dual carriageway in Swansea.

Fortunately a passing police car spotted the terrapin at Pant Y Blawd road and rescued her out of harm’s way.

South Wales Police then contacted the RSPCA who collected the terrapin from the police station – now identified as a yellow bellied slider.

Terrapin Swansea 28Sept17 pic1RSPCA inspector Nic De Celis said: “I’m not sure how fast she was going – but she caught the eye of the police – who pulled over to rescue her.

“She must have been quite frightened being so close to the traffic and was lucky she was spotted.

“I suspect the terrapin has either escaped – and was making a quick getaway – or may be one that was released or dumped in a nearby pond and then maye was moving cross country between the various ponds that border Pant Y Blawd.”

The terrapin, who was alert and active, has now been transferred to a specialist exotics establishment.

Inspector De Celis said: “Anyone who may have information should contact the RSPCA inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018. Calls are treated in confidence.

“Sadly, we know that many terrapins have been dumped in public waterways when they became too large or difficult to care for. As they can live a long time this is fairly common.

“Terrapins require a large, heated tank or pond, supplied with filtration, a heat lamp and a safe ultraviolet-b light source as well as a varied diet to prevent metabolic bone disease and be healthy. Owners may not realise the how costly and time-consuming caring for these animals can be when they purchase one.”

Red-eared and yellow-bellied terrapins or ‘sliders’ are considered ‘invasive alien species’ under a new EU regulation and so there are now strict restrictions on the sale, breeding, keeping and transportation of these terrapins.

We are urging potential owners of reptiles to research and look into what is required in the care of their pet first before taking one on so they know what is involved and how long it is likely to be for. There are books full of information on how to care for all sorts of species and specialist vets are an excellent source of support and advice.

To help the RSPCA continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in desperate need of care please visit: www.rspca.org.uk/give or text LOVE to 87023 to give £3 (Text costs £3 + one standard network rate message).