cat appeal Enfield

The RSPCA Enfield Cattery is currently inundated with scores of cats of all ages including mums and kittens which need to be cared for by a fosterer.

Already this year the cattery has taken in some 200 cats and kittens.

The foster periods will be short and long term, but the cattery will need people to be available for a minimum of eight weeks.

The RSPCA is ideally looking for foster parents who have a spare room in their home, which they can offer to some of the cats and kittens,  who don’t suit a cattery environment, and for peak periods when the Enfield cattery, which has 20 cat pens, is full up.

Among those looking for foster homes are Tilly (pictured below)  a six year old tabby ginger and white who requires dental treatment and Top Cat a ginger male who needs dental and abscess treatment. However both are slightly chubby and need to spend time in a foster home to lose weight before they can have their operations.

New figures from the national RSPCA show that throughout 2016 the charity collected over 30,000 cats from across England and Wales, more than a third of them were from across the summer months and London has the second highest number of cats in RSPCA centres.

Colette Jensen from the RSPCA Enfield Cattery said: “We find the summer is busiest time for the charity when unwanted and abandoned litters come flooding in, and it means our cattery is inevitably full all the time. Having a band of willing cat fosterers on hand makes a huge difference, not least because a home environment is so much more enjoyable than life in a cattery for many cats.

“We have cats of all ages and different needs who we would love to place in foster care which is why we want to enlist a host of fosterers who can help our Enfield Cattery.

“Cat fostering is so rewarding, knowing you have helped give a cat or kitten a second chance so that they can then find a permanent new forever home.

“To become a cat fosterer all you need to do is get in touch and we can talk through what it involves and then carry out a home visit.

“Once a new fosterer is ready to go we will provide them with a fostering starter pack, which includes at least 10 days of food and litter (more food if it’s a litter of kittens!) as well as a carrier and tray etc.

“RSPCA vets are also available seven days a week for advice and support as well as the team at the cattery. If a fosterer also has their own transport for the vet visits even better, but we can transport the cats if not.”

The RSPCA Enfield and District Branch wants to build a similar band of willing fosterers like those already signed up to help the RSPCA Central, West & NE London Branch.

The Central, West and NE London Branch currently has around 36 active fosterers and their  cattery in central London takes in around 2,000 cats a year.

To find out more about how to sign up to be a cat fosterer please contact the Enfield team on 07795 224 679