Goshawk B pressA rare bird of prey has been rescued and returned to the wild by RSPCA Cymru, after she was found by a stunned Carmarthenshire resident in a chicken coop.

The goshawk had made her way into the living quarters of a flock of chickens, at a West Wales smallholding, with the ensuing commotion heard by the property’s owner.

Fortunately, all chickens safely escaped to the upstairs of their coop.  The goshawk was confined until the RSPCA attended and were able to safely collect the bird.

An RSPCA officer commented that the “highly unusual find” was her “first encounter” with a wild goshawk in her current role.

The chickens were checked over by a vet, but thankfully had survived the ordeal without injury.

RSPCA animal collection officer (ACO) Ellie West confined herself in the coop with the wild bird to complete the rescue.  The goshawk was then kept in RSPCA care overnight for monitoring, before being safely returned to the Carmarthenshire wild – with the moment caught on video. The release took place on Sunday (3 September).

ACO West said: “This was a highly unusual find, and my first encounter with a wild goshawk as an RSPCA officer.

“This must have come as one massive shock to the owner of the small holding – who was alerted after hearing an almighty commotion from the chicken coop.

“It was some ordeal for the chickens. One hen ran into the coop, and initially still had the goshawk clinging to her back! Fortunately, they all escaped unharmed, and were fine – as was a pretty startled goshawk.

“This beautiful bird of prey was closely monitored overnight, before a safe release to the Carmarthenshire wild. Rescuing wildlife is a critical part of RSPCA Cymru’s work, and successful releases like this are always one of the very best parts of my job.”

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