A cat stuck on top of an electricity pole was rescued, thanks to engineers from UK Power Networks who used a cherry picker to reach the stranded moggie.

The RSPCA was called on Friday August 25 to reports that a white and black cat had been spotted on top of a pole in Faversham, Kent.

The male cat, believed to be around five years old, had been stuck for a number of hours. RSPCA animal welfare officer (AWO) Tina Nash attended and called the local fire service who sent out an assessor – they requested the attendance of UK Power Networks as it was an incident involving live electricity.

AWO Nash said: “This poor cat had been stuck on the pole for a number of hours, I’m not sure why he ended up on the top of it, and this was an extremely hot day with temperatures reaching up to 23 degrees.

“The engineers from UK Power Networks were brilliant and they turned off the electricity and then used their cherry picker to get near the cat. They approached him very slowly and calmly and made him feel at ease, even though at one point the cat started to walk along the wire like a tightrope!

“The engineers persevered however and managed to get him. They handed him to me to be checked over, and despite being stressed there was no harm done.

“The caller who contacted the RSPCA actually took him and offered to give him a home if no owner comes forward – which is really lovely of them. He really is one lucky cat given the predicament he was in. He wasn’t microchipped but we have posted his information on Pets Located.”

UK Power Networks linesman Mark Stevenson, who rescued the cat with the help of his colleagues Andy Reeves and Mark Chittenden, said onlookers got quite nervous when the cat started walking along the electricity line but he tempted the cat back to the pole with some food provided by the RSPCA.

He added: “I’ve been a linesman for 40 years and I have never been called to rescue a cat before. I’m glad it had a happy ending.”

UK Power Networks delivers electricity to eight million customers across the South East, London and East Anglia. It urged members of the public to never attempt to rescue a pet or possession from electricity equipment. They should:cat rescue faversham sept

  • call UK Power Networks on 0800 31 63 105 or 105 (free from a landline or mobile) to report a trapped animal or possession.

  • If power lines are down or causing a significant risk to the public, call 999 immediately.