Goat rescue VIA six-strong team of RSPCA officers completed a dramatic rope rescue of a Great Orme goat, on Tuesday (15 August).

The young male goat had become trapped on a ledge, towering above Llandudno’s Marine Drive.

RSPCA Cymru closely monitored the animal’s progress, and it became apparent a rope rescue team would be required to bring the goat to safety.

Access to the goat was discussed with a local ranger, and – after carrying out a detailed risk assessment – RSPCA frontline staff approached the trapped animal from above.

RSPCA officers Andrew Broadbent, Jenny Anderton, Mike Pugh, Nayman Dunderdale, Ann Lloyd Williams and Vicki Taylor completed the rescue.

Officers abseiled from an area, approximately 30 metres above the goat. He was caught by the horns by RSPCA inspector Anderton, who held him while RSPCA inspector Broadbent bagged up the animal; abseiling a further 20 metres before releasing the unharmed goat on safe land.

Mike Pugh, RSPCA inspector said: “This was a complex rescue, as it was imperative to ensure the goat was calm enough so he didn’t panic, and dangerously jump off the towering ledge.

“The goat spent over a week on the ledge, and by the time he had eaten all available food, it became obvious that an RSPCA rope Goat rescue IIIteam would be required.”

RSPCA inspector Andrew Broadbent added: “We devoted significant resources to rescuing this goat, in what was a challenging but highly successful rescue.

“Officers abseiled a great distance to catch the goat, before he was bagged up, and released on safe ground.

“Thankfully, the goat was completely unharmed after the ordeal of getting caught, and we were just delighted that our North Wales rope team was able to help another stranded animal.”

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