The RSPCA was called in to rescue a little owl from a house in Tamworth after he created a scene worthy of Harry Potter – by flying into a living room through a chimney.

The owl – who is smaller than an adult’s hand – was found in a living room of a house in Manor Close, in Tamworth, on Monday (14 August).


RSPCA inspector Laura Bryant was called to collect the owl. She said: “The residents of the house thought they could hear something in the chimney the evening before but couldn’t be sure of it.

“But then when they woke up in the morning, they found this little owl just flying around the living room – and the only way he could have gotten in was through the chimney.

“He was very confused and when I got there he was hiding behind the sofa. I was able to pick him up and I transferred him to one of our wildlife centres.

“I was told that before I arrived he was flying into the window – the poor thing was so confused.”

The owl – who has been nicknamed Hedwig after Harry Potter’s faithful bird – was taken to the RSPCA’s wildlife centre in Nantwich, Cheshire.

Laura said: “At first glance he didn’t look too dusty, but as soon as he got to Stapeley and we had a proper look at him, we could see all this soot coming off on our gloves.

“If he was being sent from the wizarding world for some reason then I suspect his plan went a bit wrong!”

Lee Stewart, manager at Stapeley Grange, said: “We don’t see too many little owls admitted to the centre – we get on average nine a year. We especially don’t get ones who have flown into a house through the chimney.

“This little owl is taking food well and we hope that he’ll be able to be released back into the wild soon.”

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