RSPCA Cymru has welcomed moves from Caerphilly County Borough Council to not ban dogs from marked sports pitches within the local area.

Previous plans from Caerphilly CBC had suggested that the local authority was considering excluding dogs from all marked sports pitches owned by the Council.

The previous plans had formed part of a proposed Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO), which RSPCA Cymru feared would remove appropriate, accessible spaces within the Caerphilly community for dogs to exercise.

RSPCA Cymru had previously given evidence to the Council’s Health and Community Scrutiny Committee, in the hope the proposals would better consider the welfare of dogs in the local area.

A draft order now put forward by Caerphilly CBC does not include references to ban dogs from marked sports pitches owned by the Council – a move marked as “very positive news for dog welfare”. The news has been welcomed in a recently-submitted RSPCA consultation response to the new draft order.

Paul Smith, RSPCA Cymru Public Affairs Manager, said: “It’s so important local authorities use their powers to help responsible pet owners to live harmoniously within the community.

“We were concerned that proposals in Caerphilly to ban dogs from marked sports pitches would have a negative impact on dog welfare, by restricting many accessible locations for them to exercise.

“Responsible dog owners must have opportunities to walk their dogs all year round, in appropriate, accessible spaces. It’s very positive news for dog welfare in Caerphilly that a ban on marked sports pitches is not being introduced.

“RSPCA Cymru is proud to work closely with each of Wales’ 22 Local Authorities, and we’d urge other Councils to look closely at this situation in Caerphilly and adopt a similar approach with any PSPOs they bring forward.”

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