An underweight dog who was rescued after being spotted through a window is due to star on the small screen in Channel 5’s Dog Rescuers show presented by Alan Davies.


Inspector Kate Parker from the RSPCA was called to a home in Stafford after a member of the public contacted the animal welfare charity with concerns about the dog.

The whippet-cross, called Max, was being left for long periods of time, often sitting in the window, and was not being fed as often as he should have been. As a result, he weighed around 10kg – around half what he should have weighed – and his spine and hips were visible.

When he was examined by a vet, his skin started to flake away – a sign of malnutrition.

Inspector Parker said: “He was so thin and it was heartbreaking that he was being left by himself for long periods of time. Dogs are social animals and they need company.”

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Two-year-old Max has now been rehomed with Sheila and Rob Miller, in Stourbridge, who were filmed by the Dog Rescuers’ camera crew. Sheila said: “He doesn’t look out of the window anymore because he quickly realised there was nothing interesting for him to see!

“The most important thing is that he has gotten really fit, strong and healthy. We took him to the vets not long ago and he weighs 20kg now.

“We absolutely loved being filmed by the camera crew, it was great fun. We haven’t seen footage of him so thin before, so it’s going to be a shock when we watch the programme on Tuesday evening to see how thin he was.”

Inspector Parker added: “Max is a lovely dog and very sociable, which is surprising really because at his previous home he was being left for long periods of time with no human interaction, no toys, no nothing – so to see him so happy now is great.”

Alan Davies said: “The Dog Rescuers goes behind the scenes to see the RSPCA at work rescuing dogs from neglect and abuse.

“It’s sad to see dogs suffering but always a joy when they are nursed back to health and find loving new homes.”

Max is one of 8,009 dogs rescued by the RSPCA last year – that’s nearly one every hour.

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  • Max’s story will feature on Channel 5’s Dog Rescuers at 8pm on Tuesday, 25 July