Shy cats can often get overlooked but just because they are quieter in the cattery does not mean they won’t make the perfect companion.


A cat can be shy or timid for a number of reasons, they may have been through a trauma, they could still be very young and learning the ropes, or maybe they are just waiting to find that special someone who can bring them out of their shell.

At the RSPCA’s Stapeley Grange Cattery, in Nantwich, Cheshire, there are currently some timid cats who are looking for their purr-fect homes.

Joyce Mellor, deputy manager of the cattery, is urging prospective owners to give shy cats a chance.

She said: “All cats personalities’ are very unique, some might be feisty and some might be quieter but they could all make a great companion.

“Unfortunately this is quite a common problem which we see all over the country. People just don’t give shy cats a chance.

“It is such a shame as just because a cat is shy in a cattery doesn’t mean they don’t make loyal, sweet-natured and often playful companions once they have settled in a home and have got to know their owners.

“Some might say that this extra bit of a challenge makes the bond between owner and cat all the more unique.”

Three-year-old Pearl, pictured above, arrived in the RSPCA’s care in February after being abandoned at a vets.


Joyce added: “She has recovered from her ordeal now but Pearl is a very shy cat. She’s not going to be anyone’s lap cat but she does want to make friends.

“She would suit a quieter, adult-only home with a more experienced owner who understands her need to do her own thing.”

Three-year-old duo Rusty, pictured above, and Skittle, pictured below, came into Stapeley in April after their previous owner went into care. They also would need an adult-only home and preferably be the only pets.


Another timid cat in need of a home at Stapeley is four-year-old black and white domestic shorthair Ernie, pictured below. Joyce said: “Ernie lived as a stray for around two years and was left to fend himself for a long time. He is still a young cat and he deserves a long and happy life.

“As you would imagine, he is a little wary of new people but with a bit of patience he will reward you with loyalty and friendship.

“He would probably be best as the only pet in a household with no children and with experienced cat owners.”


Joyce added: “Shy cats can take some patience but in the end we’re sure it will be worth it.

“Stapeley Cattery is at full capacity and this isn’t a rare occurrence. We’d love it if more people took a chance on quieter cats and gave them the loving home they deserve. Our rehoming a cat also means we have room for another cat or kitten which comes to us via an inspector.”

To enquire about rehoming a cat from Stapeley, contact the cattery by calling 0300 123 0722 or email You can also pop into the cattery, in London Road, Nantwich, anytime between 11.30am to 3.30pm every day except Monday.