The RSPCA is reassuring owners whose homes have been, or are being, evacuated in Camden that help is available to care for their pets, should they need it.

An officer has been in the area all day working with Camden Council’s animal welfare team to collect details of all of those who may need assistance.

A register has been opened up at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre, which is one of the locations providing emergency accommodation, and anyone who needs our help can also call us on 0300 1234 999.

RSPCA animal collection officer (ACO) Zenon Brown said: “We have been speaking to people, finding out what they need or might need, and reassuring them that both the council’s animal welfare team, and the RSPCA, are here, and they don’t have to worry about their pets.

“We had just over 30 pets in need on the list earlier in the day – most of them dogs (15) but also cats (8), birds (2 budgies and 1 cockatiel), hamsters (2), a Guinea pig, three tanks of fish and even a pygmy hedgehog.

“We have just finished checking in with the owners and very happily all are now sorted for the time being, and it hasn’t been necessary to bring any of the animals into care.

“We know that not everyone is out of these tower blocks yet though, and that some of that is down to a reluctance to move because of concerns for their much loved and treasured pets, which are of course part of the family.

“We  stand ready to advise, support and take in any animals that owners evacuated, or facing evacuation, might struggle to look after at this time.”

ACO Brown saw an appeal on the news this morning and, after speaking with the assistant director of the inspectorate, rang the council to offer our help. The RSPCA will continue to work with the council’s animal welfare team over the coming days.

The RSPCA has been on standby to assist victims and emergency services if requested since the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in West London but so far, our assistance has not been required.

Our thoughts go out to everyone that has been affected and we remain available to anyone who may need our help in the weeks to come..