BBC Week In Week Out - RSPCA 2017 HonoursA BBC documentary which explored the need to regulate animal welfare establishments across Wales has been recognised with a special media award.

The BBC Wales ‘Week In, Week Out’ team produced the documentary ‘Creature Comforts?’, which investigated whether the establishments, commonly known as ‘sanctuaries’, are doing enough to look after animals, and their welfare, to a sufficient standard.

RSPCA Cymru has long campaigned for animal welfare sanctuaries to be regulated. The charity believes these establishments often provide an invaluable animal welfare resource, but that regulation would offer additional protection, and ensure necessary standards were enshrined into law.

The programme is one of four winners of the RSPCA’s coveted National and Local Media Award.

It initially aired in December 2016, with the documentary presented by Mark Hutchings. The RSPCA award recognises the involvement of the whole ‘Week In, Week Out’ team – with the programme produced by Clare Hutchinson, with Andy Maguire as executive producer. Karen Voisey is Week In, Week Out editor.

RSPCA interim chief executive officer Michael Ward said: “The campaign to see the regulation of animal sanctuaries is an important one, but often one of the more complex issues to explain.

“However, the BBC Week In, Week Out team showed clearly how such regulation would protect animal welfare, and establishments like sanctuaries.

“The programme will play a key role as RSPCA Cymru continue to seek the introduction of a regulatory framework for animal sanctuaries, and we rightly pay tribute to the Week In, Week Out team for their thorough, detailed examination of this key animal welfare issue.”

Karen Voisey, Week In, Week Out editor, said: “We are delighted to receive the RSPCA Media Award for our ‘Creature Comforts?’ programme, Week In, Week Out, which has produced hard-hitting current affairs programmes for more than 50 years, brought a serious issue to light that hadn’t received much media attention in the past: the lack of regulation for animal sanctuaries and the impact this can have on animal welfare.”

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