The RSPCA has launched an appeal to raise £4,000 for one of its rescue dogs who urgently needs medical tests.


The chihuahua, called Honey,  was rescued last month from a house where there were 82 dogs. Neglected Honey has now been placed in a foster home with RSPCA officer Catherine Strawford in Walsall and she had been doing really well – until last week.

Catherine said: “I started to worry about her because she kept running into doors and walls and then a few days ago she started twitching.

“That eventually developed into full blown seizures where she was jerking uncontrollably and shrieking in pain.

“I took her to the vets as an emergency, they ran blood tests and ruled out metabolic problems. They said there were signs of inflammation, likely on the brain, and believe it must be a chronic neurological problem.


“They said it’s likely to be hydrocephalus, a stroke or meningitis, but that she couldn’t start proper treatment without a full diagnosis. For that she would need an MRI scan and then subsequent treatment, which could cost around £4,000.

“I am fostering her from our Coventry branch and they don’t have the funds to pay for it, so we are appealing for the public to help and to donate if they can.

“For now she is on antibiotics and diazepam and so far she has had no more fits. Sadly, the behavioural progress she had made has disappeared and she’s right back to square one, terrified of everything and won’t let anyone near her.

“The vets have said time is of the essence because any one of the illnesses she could have need urgent treatment or she is likely to deteriorate rapidly and maybe die.

“We desperately want to give her a chance – this could make all the difference. As soon as the money is raised, we can get her on the road to recovery.

“Honey has been on such a journey and we would love her to have the happy ending to her story that she deserves.”

Danni Holder, kennel supervisor from the RSPCA’s Coventry branch, said: “It is heartbreaking that Honey is going through this, and we desperately want her to get better.

“The costs of her having these tests and subsequent treatment is huge, so we will be extremely grateful for any help which the public can give us.”

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