The RSPCA’s Walsall branch is urgently appealing for potential cat foster carers to get in touch.


Cat-lovers are being urged to contact the branch, which is short of people available to foster cats and kittens which come into its care.

Becky Weeks, from the branch, said: “We rely on people coming forward to offer their time and homes to foster their cats, as we don’t have an animal centre or cattery facilities. If we don’t have enough volunteers to foster, it reduces the number of cats we can help in our area – and we really don’t want that to be the case.

“The main thing we ask is that foster carers can drive, as they would need to be able to get to the vets we use, in the WS4 area, and that they have somewhere quiet in their home for a new foster animal to settle in.

“If they have pets of their own, they must have a separate room to quarantine a new foster cat in.”

Kayleigh Rhodes in a foster carer for the branch said she finds the role very rewarding. She said: “I started fostering with the RSPCA last year, and, including my current three foster kittens, I have helped 10 cats and kittens come into a safe environment away from the dangers they were in.

“I have helped cats who have come from a wide variety of backgrounds. My first worry was that I would want to keep them all, but for every cat that has been adopted out, I have been able to help another in its place.

“Fostering is about changing the world for that animal in your care, and when you see them change and grow in personality in front of your eyes, there is no better feeling. Fostering is a rewarding experience, and I am so happy I made the decision to do it.

“The local RSPCA branch has been more than supportive, and no fees come out of my own pocket to care for the animals that come in – apart from when I buy them cheeky treats!. If you care about animals then please, become a foster carer, and make that difference to their world.”

All veterinary, food and litter costs are covered by the branch through an ordering service. Orders are to be collected from the branch office in the Chasetown area, and travelling expenses to vet visits are also covered.

For more information, contact Becky Weeks by emailing or by calling 0845 272 3570.