Otter press AAn otter has been returned to the wild in the Llandovery area, after a period of rehabilitation with RSPCA Cymru.

Video footage captures the moment the otter was returned to the wild, after a one-month spell in RSPCA care.

The otter was reported to the charity after being found by a member of the public on 17 April, curled up in a puddle of water from a pressure hose.

She was very weak, quiet and extremely tired – and was struggling with a fever and dehydration.

The otter was rehabilitated at a specialist RSPCA wildlife facility – West Hatch in Taunton – where she recovered, ready for the return to the wild.

She was released on 15 May – with the extent of her recovery highlighted by her gain in weight – from 2.8kg when found, to 4.8kg when returned to the wild.

RSPCA animal collection officer Ellie West said:

“This beautiful otter turned up at a Llandovery property in a deeply worrying state – dehydrated, appearing confused, and desperately tired.

“She was so exhausted, she simply collapsed in a pool of water left from a pressure hose. It was clearly no place for such a beautiful wild animal.

“Fortunately, she was taken into RSPCA care and rehabilitated. She’s gained more than 70% in weight, which is testimony to her turnaround at a specialist wildlife facility.

“It was a fabulous feeling to be able to safely return her to the Llandovery wild.

“Happy endings like this are the best part of the job, and rescuing and rehabilitating animals like this is such an important part of what RSPCA Cymru does.”

If a member of the public sees a wild animal in need of help, they can call the RSPCA’s 24-hour Advice & Cruelty Line on 0300 1234 999.

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