The RSPCA is urging dog-owners to be cautious after nine dogs in the Dunkirk area of Nottingham have been treated for suspected poisoning in the last three weeks.

It is not known what the dogs have ingested, however the dogs – who have all since recovered – all showed similar neurological symptoms, including seizures and impaired movement.

RSPCA inspector Laura Kirkham said: “These must have been very distressing incidents for the dogs and their owners. We are thankful to the … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a gerbil in his cage was abandoned “like a piece of rubbish” in a skip.

A member of the public contacted the RSPCA on Tuesday (18 April) after finding the gerbil in the skip in Prescelly Close, Nuneaton.

The gerbil is now in the care of the RSPCA.

RSPCA inspector Louise Marston said: “This is so sad and it sickens me that someone just threw the gerbil in the skip to die, as … Continue reading…

One lucky cub was found alive and rescued!

A video of the fox cub is available on Youtube:

RSPCA Cymru is warning of the dangers of grass fires to wild animals and are urging people to be careful when out and about in the countryside.

Hundreds of grass fires ravage Wales’ countryside each year – some of which are started deliberately. Sadly, these fires have a devastating impact on wild animals as Kirsty Thomas and her son, Gavin, discovered…. Continue reading…

The RSPCA is hoping to reunite a kitten with her owner, after the plucky moggy found herself stranded 15ft up a tree.

The young female kitten, thought to be around five months old, was rescued on Friday last week (14 April) after being spotted by a concerned member of the public up the tree in Jardine Crescent, Coventry.

RSPCA inspector Louise Marston said: “A local tree surgeon carefully climbed the tree to get her down. As soon as he got … Continue reading…

RSPCA officers abseiled 50 metres down to rescue the sheep

RSPCA Cymru is reminding dog walkers to keep their dogs on the lead at all times when near farm animals, after a dog chased a sheep down a cliff in Pembrokeshire.

The sheep was rescued by RSPCA Inspectors Suzy Hannaby, Alan Barnes, Keith Hogben, Gemma Cooper, Selina Chan and Animal Welfare Officer Andrew Harris, who are trained in cliff rope rescues and was returned to the flock uninjured.

The dramatic … Continue reading…